The Whole Nine Months is the public health and social media campaign of The Western Australian Preterm Birth Prevention Initiative.

The Initiative, through the Women and Infants Research Foundation, was launched in November 2014 with the goal of safely and effectively lowering the rate of preterm birth, saving lives, and preventing life-long disability.

This world-unique Initiative incorporates three distinct components:

• Statewide obstetric outreach and health professional advice
• The Whole Nine Months public health and social media campaign
• The Preterm Birth Prevention Clinic at King Edward Memorial Hospital.

Results from the first full year of the Initiative have revealed an 8% reduction in the rate of preterm birth across Western Australia. The real significance of this number is the almost 200 babies that would have been born preterm were delivered at full-term age. That’s 200 WA families that have avoided the emotional roller coaster that is a preterm birth.

These results have global implications for safely and effectively lowering the rate of preterm birth; the leading cause of death in disability in children under age five in the developed world.

If you are a heath care practitioner, pregnant, or considering a pregnancy, the information in this website is for you.