Welcome to the Western Australian Preterm Birth Prevention Initiative.

Also known also as thewholeninemonthsTM, this initiative has a single aim – to safely lower the rate of preterm birth in our state. Preterm birth is the major cause of death and disability in young children in the developed world and we in Western Australia have embarked on a unique plan to prevent this complication of pregnancy from occurring.

Our strategy includes not only the health care practitioners who provide pregnancy care, but also the 34,000 women in our state who give birth each year. Western Australia is ideally placed to be a world-leader in this field.

We have excellent health care resources, established lines of communication and data collection, and a strong community spirit ready to embrace such an innovative program.The Initiative was launched in late 2014. It is too early to be confident of success, but the early signs are highly encouraging.

If you are a heath care practitioner, pregnant, or considering a pregnancy, the information in this website is for you.On behalf of the many people who are contributing to this Initiative, I welcome you to this website and hope the information is of value to you.

Kind regards

Founder and Chair, The Western Australian Preterm Birth Prevention Initiative