The Women and Infants Research Foundation (WIRF) is the only organisation in Western Australia that is solely dedicated to the health of women and newborns. The outreach and public health components of the WA Preterm Birth Prevention Initiative are dependent on funding from the Foundation’s philanthropy program, and to ensure that the tiniest babies have a better chance of survival through improved healthcare, the Initiative needs more support. Being born too early can have serious and life-long consequences. Preterm birth is the single largest cause of death and disability in children up to five years of age in the developed world. In Western Australia, preterm birth affects one in twelve children and in Aboriginal people the incidence is almost double. Most children born too early go on to lead normal and productive lives. But for many others there may be serious medical problems followed by life-long disability. Please help support this important Initative to reduce preterm birth in Western Australia. Please Click here to donate today.