The WAPB operates under the ownership and joint custodianship of the Women and Infants Research Foundation (WIRF) and The University of Western Australia (UWA). The WAPB was established as part of the WA PTB Prevention Initiative. Therefore, the running and operation of the WAPB will be monitored by the Steering Committee of The Initiative, although the WAPB will operate as a stand-alone entity with its own governance and management structure. This Steering Committee contains representatives from KEMH, North Metro Health, Dept. Health WA, WIRF and the wider community (TinySparks). A report will be made annually to the Steering Committee by the WAPB Director to update on progress, problems, plans and current status of the biorepository.
The WABP organizational structure is comprised of the following:

  • Independent Governance & Oversight Committee (IGOC)
  • Management Committee
  • Scientific Advisory & Assessment Committee (SAAC)
  • Biobank staff and allied clinical and research staff and students
The diagram illustrates organisational structure of the WAPB, its committees, and its relationship with the WA Preterm Birth Prevention Initiative.