Researcher access to the biobank will be managed by the Scientific Advisory and Assessment committee (SAAC); a formal application and assessment process is used to assess requests for access to the biorepository (see application form). Individual projects from within the WA research community aiming to use biospecimens from the WAPB must go through WNHS HREC review prior to commencing. External researchers must have prior HREC/IRB approval from their local institutions.
The following criteria must be satisfied before access to questionnaire data and biological samples is provided:
a)    the application must be consistent with the goals and objectives of the WAPB;
b)    The amount of sample requested must be justifiable in terms of its impact on the resource;
c)     the scientific quality and originality of the study must be robust, such that the findings will be publishable, clinically relevant and contribute to knowledge;
d)    the research track record of the Principal Investigator must be sufficient to allow reasonable expectation that the project will be achieved and published successfully;
e)    adequate professional, administrative, practical and financial support must be available to ensure successful completion of the study.
Material Transfer Agreements and IP
Investigators at academic or nonprofit institutions other than The University of Western Australia must sign the MTA document at the time of application to use the samples and data for research purposes only and in compliance with the HREC/IRB-approved protocols.
Fees and reimbursement
The WAPB operates on a cost recovery model by which samples are provided for free, but researchers are charged for the labour and costs associated with their allocation, shipping and transport. See schedule of charges and fees.
Intellectual Property & Publications
All intellectual property created or originated by a researcher or research team arising from the analysis of samples or data from the WAPB shall be the sole and exclusive property of that person or team and their affiliated institutions, except where he/she/they voluntarily chooses to transfer such property, in full, or in part.
Publications arising from the analysis of WAPB samples or associated clinical data must acknowledge the role of the WAPB with the following statement:
“The authors thank the donors, funders and administrators of the Western Australian Pregnancy Biobank (WAPB) for access to the resources used in this study”.
All publications should be submitted to the SAAC ten working days prior to submission for publication for SAAC approval and cannot be published until approval is issued by email. Results must not be published in such a way that individuals can be identified.
The WAPB will list publications arising from the use of the biorepository on its website. However, the WAPB does not accept scientific responsibility for the content of publications from researchers.